We were fortunate to find Dave Hatheway through networking with major developers in the Bay Area. In his first year as the City’s Owner’s Rep, Dave made such an impression on senior staff that he was invited to join the ongoing City negotiations team, which meets weekly with 49ers representatives. It is a credit to Dave’s ability to seek the best win-win solution possible that has allowed him to work so effectively for the City and yet have the respect and ear of senior 49er representatives.

- Ron Garratt, Assistant City Manager, Retired, City of Santa Clara, CA.

David has been around big development deals most of his career, and was able to quickly understand the nuances of the private public partnership between the City of Santa Clara and the 49ers. David delivers on his commitments, which is critical in a project of this scale.

Larry MacNeil, Executive Vice President Development, San Francisco 49ers.

David has an ability to reach out and find common ground. His role representing the Santa Clara Stadium Authority brings commonality to the partnership between the Authority and the Team. David delivers on his promises, which greatly helps de-risk less tangible parts of the development scheme. His past experience working for pro teams and the development side coupled with his current role representing the Stadium Authority makes his resume very unique.

Jim Mercurio, Vice President Stadium Operations and Security.

During his 4 years in Philadelphia, David led the design and construction of the 69,000 seat stadium project. He also led the M/WBE initiative, a program that set new benchmarks for contracting and employment. David was also instrumental in guiding labor discussions with local Philadelphia unions.

Don Smolenski, President, Philadelphia Eagles.

Dave was the project executive for construction and development of ATT Park (then Pacific Bell Park).  His problem solving skills, attention to detail, and concern for delivery made him a trusted advisor to the Giants organization. Dave brought a great deal of passion for the assignment and strongly embraced the responsibilities of inclusiveness. Whether it was helping female apprentice elevator workers graduate to becoming mechanics or routinely appearing before the Human Rights Commission to report the progress of MBE / WBE contracting, Dave always delivered. Dave was also very creative, and helped the Giants marketing team resolve complex sponsorship schemes while maintaining a steady hand on the daily challenges of bringing the ballpark in “on time and on budget”. 

- Larry Baer, President and CEO, San Francisco Giants

Dave is legendary here at the Rose Garden.  His congenial personality and ability to listen / seek input from all parties was one of the things I remember from the design and construction timeframe. As an example, during the building of the Rose Garden, Dave talked to the concert riggers and made changes to the roof trusses that allowed for quick, efficient and safe show rigging. We are still benefiting from these changes today. After 33 years in building operations I have never worked with his equal.  

- Scott D Sisson, AGM Facility Operations, The Rose Quarter

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