A project’s success is immeasurably helped by good communication and a spirit of cooperativeness. Whether the delivery system is CM at Risk or Bridge Design Build, it’s important the needs of all stakeholders are addressed. To foster this, an owner’s representative needs to have everyone’s best interest in mind. The owner’s representative is vital to the design team and to the construction manager’s success. If those two stakeholders are allowed to play to their core strengths the project’s outcome is more assured.

Discipline comes from a conviction that the planning effort has flushed out all the undesirable characteristics. It means holding the line on changes. It means belief that the project team has what it takes to overcome adversity. It is not a replacement for good communication and cooperativeness – it comes from firms and individuals who understand their assignment and go about the systematic process of completing their task. It comes from a strong owner’s representative who has the trust and confidence of his client and can communicate the same to the designers and CM team.

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